13 years

Mahogany Sable Rough Farm Collie or Collie Mix

Do you remember our sweet Misha? She is now ready for her forever home!

Misha came to us from a hoarding/neglect situation.  She arrived underweight, ear infections, a tumor and a bad skin infection that had robbed her of most of her coat.  (Neglect showed in the long toenails hampering her ability to walk well.)   She was a little lost soul.  It took nearly two months before she was well enough for her basic vaccinations and her dental.  Her infections are gone, the tumor (benign) has been removed and she is beginning to regrow some of her coat.  Misha will never have a full coat, because the infection was too severe and left untreated too long.

But look at her now, Misha has adjusted to life in a household. She is still a little shy around strangers but warms up quickly.  She loves the dog beds and the regular meals and especially little treats.  She has an excellent appetite.  She is a sweetie that likes her petting without being a Velcro dog.  Misha happily greets her returning humans when they return from errands.   She is not afraid of storms or the vacuum.

This little girl needs a quiet home without stairs and non-slip rugs on any slick floors.  She potties on a leash so a fenced yard would be nice but not required.  Misha gets along with other dogs, in fact, she has the heart of Lassie, taking care of her collie companions. 

Misha will be on an allergy medication, glucosamine and an OTC eye drop for the rest of her life. Misha has some arthritis but is still is mobile and enjoys her walks.   She needs a forever home where she has the love and care she had missed for so long.

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