6 years

It isn’t often that we have a pair so deeply bonded that a separation would be detrimental to their well-being, but Karma and Lady are best friends and sisters who are in this unique situation, and still looking for someone to show them what their forever looks like.  We’re sprinkling some extra holiday magic on these lovely ladies, with the hope that a family as special as they are can welcome them into their hearts and home.

Karma is the definition of sweetness. She is 6 years old and has never been separated from her sister Lady, so they are looking for a forever home that has enough love to share for both sisters. They certainly have loads of love to share with you!
Karma is a petite Tricolored smooth girl who loves spending time with her people.  Her favorite thing is to be petted, and have her ears and neck scratched. She is a very sensitive girl and need a lot of positive words and praise to help boost her confidence.
She is frightened by loud noises, particularly gun shots, thunder and cars that backfire.  Because of this you will need to have a fenced in yard to keep her safe. During storms, she prefers to be in her kennel.
She loves riding in cars and is pretty good on a leash for walks. She wants to be near her people, so she would love to go where ever you will take her.
She could benefit from basic obedience training, but is very sensitive to corrections, so treat driven training works best with her. She and her sister both have excellent house manners!
She good with baths and having her nails trimmed. In fact she loves all kinds of positive attention, so the more you groom, the happier she will be!
Even though Karma and Lady are best friends, they love being around people and love getting attention, cuddles and encouragement from their human best friends.  These sweet, well-mannered girls would make lovely additions to almost any type of family.  Wouldn’t you like to find out if two Collies are better than one?

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