2 years

Kyrie is a young, energetic girl who came to CRGI from a family who loved her, but made the difficult decision to give her up after her owner’s allergies worsened.  Kyrie is all about fun and being around people.  

Although CRGI asks our foster homes not to allow dogs on furniture and in beds, Kyrie came to us with these habits already. So if you are ok with your pup sharing your furniture, Kyrie will be very happy in your home! She loves to curl up on the couch with her foster parents and, at night, she likes to spoon in bed.  Needless to say, Kyrie would do best in a home that allows her the freedom to be on furniture.  

Kyrie also seems to love being around other dogs.  She has a canine foster brother and sister and she tries to play with them.  They weren’t too sure about her at first, but they have opened up and started to have fun.  Kyrie also loves to play fetch, and is even good about dropping the ball.  

A fenced in yard would be desirable because she likes to chase squirrels and is interested in birds, and it would be easy for her to wander off in-pursuit of something.  Kyrie could also greatly benefit from training, as she does not know many commands.  She is a vocal dog, who barks at things she doesn’t understand or recognize.  Her foster mom says that when she tells Kyrie “no” or “lie down,” she sometimes talks back!  Kyrie gets a little nervous in the car, but with a little practice, she will be just fine.  She is good on walks, and doesn’t get distracted.

As you can see, for the most part, Kyrie is like most of the Collies we see, except for one thing; she was diagnosed with a rare form of oral cancer (only 10 cases in the U.S.) when she was seven months old, which resulted in the removal of her right jaw.  She has been given an excellent prognosis because the original surgery removed all of the cancer. We recently did follow up x-rays and bloodwork to make sure she still is cancer free…and all tests are negative! This girl is a cancer survivor!

She does have some unique challenges, but she is able to overcome them and adapt to any limitations quite easily.  At eating time, it takes her longer than usual to finish, and softened food works best. She “snorkels” when she drinks, which means that she sticks her nose in her water to gulp it down.  She loves to give kisses, but they have to come from the right side of her mouth, which is where her tongue flips up and down.

Kyrie is special for so many reasons! Despite having a rough start in life, she has overcome so much to become a fun-loving dog that could fit into almost any type of family that is willing to dedicate time and love to her.

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