7 years

Rocko is a seven year-old Tri Collie mix who is one big, happy boy!  If you are looking for an energetic,fun loving dog, Rocko is the dog for you!

He has a touch of arthritis in his back knees, but he doesn’t let that stop him from having fun.  He loves running, jumping, and playing with toys. His favorite is a big kong ball that he like to bounce around the yard. 

Rocko enjoys food, and is very stimulated by it.  He is not food aggressive, but he does get very excited at feeding time. His foster mom has been working with him on being calmer when it is time to eat; he has learned to sit, wait, and watch for his food, and he’s come a long way! He now will sit wait and watch for the resident dog to get his food first! Way to go Rocko! He also knows paw, come, down and stay. Rocko is very smart and learns quickly.

Rocko is completely house trained, he does well on a leash, and he loves everyone he meets.  He does well in a crate if he has toys to play with.  Since he gets bored easily, his foster mom crates him while she is out, and gives him a Kong filled with chicken to keep him busy.  

Grooming is a little bit of a challenge because he gets squiggly and wiggly with brushing.  He doesn’t like to have his feet touched and will pull his paws away when you try to trim his nails. 

Since Rocko is big boned boy who doesn’t realize his size, it is recommended that he not be in a home with small children, cats or small dogs.  A home with a fence is also desired so that he can run and play without any worries. If you don't have a fence, he will require regular physical activity to keep him happy. 

Rocko needs an active home that can keep up with his energy level.  He is a lovable very sweet boy just looking for the perfect forever home. Are you ready to bring him home for the long run?

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