8 years

According to Sandy's foster mom, he is the easiest dog to foster (and to fall in love with) for whom she has ever cared.

It's hard to believe this extra-large-sized fellow is 8 years old! He plays and wiggles about like a 5-year-old dog. His foster mom says he is probably the tallest collie she has ever seen. Her male collie is tall, and Sandy towers over him, but there is not a spare ounce of fat on him. 

His sable-merle coat was too heavy and somewhat matted when he arrived. The groomer did a beautiful job on him and he is quite the handsome fellow now.

Sandy is totally housebroken, and while he appeared to have never met a crate before he came to be fostered, he now walks in with no resistance at all. He had no canine housemates in his original home; he made friends immediately with foster mom's 6 dogs, a Maltese, Australian Shepherd and four Collies of varying ages, from 17 down to two 1-year-olds! Sandy also walks nicely on a leash, pulling not at all, and he loves to ride in the car. 

Such a gentleman he is. Sandy never attempts to climb on the furniture, even when he sees other dogs doing so.

Sandy eats well, is not picky at all, and loves to meet new people. His foster mom took him twice to a local nursing home, and he was quite the hit! He just couldn't get around to everyone fast enough as he wagged and smiled. 

Sandy needed to have his teeth cleaned, and that has been accomplished with no problems. His MDR1 test reveals that he is a double mutant, so precautions must be taken when he requires any medications. 

He could do well in anyone's home, with other dogs or without. Sandy is truly “dandy”!

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