7 years

Rusty is 7 years old and came to us as owner surrender. His main living residence was an outside kennel but he is quickly learning what the good life looks like! He is very sweet and loves to be around his people.

Rusty is completely blind in his right eye.  That does not stop him though! He learned to navigate the carpeted stairs shortly after his arrival to his foster home. He just has to turn his head around a little farther to keep a loving eye on his foster mom. 

Rusty has learned his house training manners quickly! He only had two accidents early on with his foster mom. Hard surface floors were new to Rusty and a bit scary, but with a few rugs, learning the floors was not a scary as he thought.  He does still prefer to have rugs to help him navigate the floors.  Rusty learns quickly with a positive “good boy”. He truly is a people pleaser.

Rusty takes a brief moment to get to know you, but once he does he is a love bug.  He loves to lie down at his foster mom’s feet and sleeps on a bed next to his foster parent’s.

Rusty has a sweet and calm presence about him.  Loud noises and raised voices alarm him and he will seek out a safe place. So a quiet home will be what Rusty will be happiest in.

Rusty has lived with other dogs, but prefers to be the one and only in his home and not compete for attention from other dogs. It is best that Rusty find a home where he can be the only dog.  It will give him the opportunity to give you his undivided love and attention!

We found out by accident that Rusty loves things that crackle! He doesn’t play with toys, but he likes to pick up plastic bottles that crackle! Rusty needs a crackle toy in his future!

Rusty is also an escape artist if left in a crate or outside kennel! He is a very good boy who has great house manners and can be trusted when left alone in the house. Rusty should never be trusted alone in a fenced yard without supervision. 

Rusty has wonderful leash manners! He walks politely by his foster mom's side. One of his favorite things to do is when his foster mom breaks into a trot, so does Rusty, his tail happily swishing back and forth. 

His foster mom says “ Rusty is reserved and quiet.  He strives to please.  He will come up to anyone who is sitting down to sniff carefully and accept with pleasure any petting or rubbing.  He has not been at all destructive or noisy.  Although there are two of us in the household, me and my husband, Rusty sticks with me at all times.  He loves for us to run around outside.  That's the first “game” he wants to play when we go outside.”

Rusty would love to find his forever home for Christmas! Could it be yours?

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