10 years

Ollie is an older, distinguished Southern Gentleman. He is so loving, and loyal! He is sensitive and has quirks, like any southern gentleman would! 

Ollie would prefer to be your one and only pup to give your love and affection.   All he wants is to be petted and given love. He will gladly give you the same in return!

Ollie has some arthritis and will require medication for the remainder of his life to keep him comfortable.  Carpet or numerous rugs would also be preferred so he can stand up easier. 

Due to Ollie’s arthritis, he is uncomfortable being picked up or restrained, so he will always need special care at the vets and the groomers. He prefers a home without children who could bump and accidently hurt him. Ollie needs steps to get up into a large vehicle. Even with his special needs, he loves to go for car rides!

Short walks and belly rubs are his favorite things...and soft treats! He only barks to alert of things he finds worth mentioning and is overall pretty quiet. He walks excellent on a leash and comes up to you wagging his tail when he has to go out to potty. He loves laying in the sunshine and isn't afraid of loud noises or thunder. He is still playful at times and loves his squeaky toys!

There has been no need for his foster home to crate him. He has had no accidents since he has been with CRGI.  

He is such a good boy with the most loving big brown eyes!!!! Who can open your heart and home to give this distinguished older gentleman the forever home he deserves?

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