4 years

Buddy is a large, lovable Great Pyrenees, Collie mix who loves every person he meets!

Buddy is completely house trained and crate trained, although his foster mom has not been using the crate and he is completely trust worthy in the home.

Buddy loves his foster brothers and gets along with the resident cats. Buddy can be a bit over amorous (humping) with certain dogs, but if told no by the other dog, he will listen and stop. Due to this it is best if he is placed with a dog who will tell him no! Buddy would also be happy as an only dog as long as his humans give him loads of love and affection.

Buddy is a gentle dog and on the mellow side for a four year old boy. He is playful and knows how to sit, come and give you his paw. He rides well in the car. Buddy needs some leash training. He is very obedient and wants to please his people. 

Buddy has a few quirks. He is shy of both doors and hardwood floors. When he first got to his foster home, he would freeze on the hardwood floor. Now he does move freely on the floors. He feels the need to fly through the patio door without touching the threshold.  It is unknown how he will do on stairs.

Buddy absolutely LOVES everyone he meets! He is very social and loving. He is fantastic with kids, but sometimes forgets how big he is, so kids over 5 would be best.  He would make a fantastic addition to any family.

Per his foster mom “Buddy is a big sweet softy, loves attention and is very gentle.” Buddy is looking for a family who he can share his love with. Could it be you?

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