1 years

Katie is a great dog, obedient, love people, loves toys, and wants to play all of the time!

Katie is blind in one eye, with limited vision in the other eye. But that does not stop her! She does well with stairs and loves to chase the ball. As long as she sees you throw it, she will find it! 

Katie was a bit nervous when she first arrived at her foster home, but quickly found her confidence in the company of her canine foster siblings. She would be happiest with a younger dog to play with. She has a bit too much energy for older dogs and they find her pushy play antics annoying!

She knows how to sit, come and down. Katie loves to play with dogs and humans.   She loves to run and chase her foster siblings in the yard.  She is low key, but when she wants to play she lets you know and can be quite vocal about that. She did not get scared when she heard a firework, but barks at the hand mixer and the buzzer on the dryer. Go figure! 

Katie had some digestive issues in her previous home. She is on a special diet which keeps those issues under control and she will need to be kept on this diet to avoid digestive issues in the future. She has not had any issues since she has been in our care.

Katie comes when she is called, and will let you know when someone is approaching your door.  She loves belly rubs, and loves all people.   She will go belly up on the floor for just about anyone who approaches her!  

She does not run - she seems to hop through the air.  She also loves to spread toys all over the house so more than one is always available.  She likes shoes and socks, but does not cause any damage. If you speak to her, she comes right to your side.  She loves to be near people.  

Katie would love to have kids to play with, but she does have a tendency to jump and herd her family members. She nips at heels sometimes, so older kids would be best.

Due to Katie’s vision issues, a fenced yard is required. Katie needs a canine companion to play with!

Katie is a very special girl who would be an awesome addition to any family. Could it be yours?

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