1 years

Say hello to Finn, our young diamond in the “ruff.” Finn has been a fun challenge for his foster mom, who helped him overcome his crate-destroying ways and got him to learn to love his crate and sleep in it at night. He still has some destructive tendencies, and needs to stay in his crate when his foster mom isn't home, but he goes in easily and is quiet once inside.

Finn is very social and enjoys being around people and other animals. He really, really loves following around the resident kitties and playing with the resident dog. His foster mom said Finn gets the sweetest little shocked and hurt look on his face when the cats swat at him, and she can't help but smile. Finn is very interested in children and will follow his foster mom's grandchildren around. He would do well with kids of any age.

Finn is completely housebroken, does not bark excessively, does well during car rides, knows some basic commands, is not a picky eater, can go up and down stairs, and is friendly when meeting strangers. There is so much to love! So, who is in for Finn?

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