10 years

Leia started her journey with Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue, which took her as a stray and started her on the road towards health and happiness. She was then transferred to our rescue and we promised Leia to continue her road to better life.   

Leia's hips and legs are very week, she walks with her back legs bent and her rear end lowered. Our vet noticed some decrease in muscle mass and believes that Leia's left leg might have had some kind of injury in the past. Also, the x-rays showed significant amount of arthritis. Leia had her teeth cleaned in the past but our vet noticed that some are not in good shape and might possibly be extracted. However, due to her age, putting Leia under anesthesia doesn't come without risks and we will have another vet consultation to determine what's in Leia's best interest. We will also determine if a consultation with a chiropractor is needed down the road.

Update 2/6/2018:

Leia, special needs senior, has been dealing with mobility issues for quite a while. Before she gets adopted, we wanted to figure out what’s going on with her back legs and why she’s having difficulties walking. After a consultation with our vet and x-rays, it was determined that Leia had most likely suffered an injury in the past and has a significant muscle loss in her back legs. We purchased leg braces for her and meet with animal chiropractor. A follow up visit has been scheduled to gage Leia’s progress. We are working on a plan to strengthen her muscles and make her feel more comfortable. Long road ahead for Leia but we couldn’t have done it without Leia’s dedicated foster mom and financial assistance from Lizzy’s Fund! Later this week Leia is also scheduled for her dental and possibly some teeth extractions so please keep her in your thoughts.

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