12 Years

Want a dog that loves her humans and wants to be the center of your world? Then Jordan is the girl for you!

Jordan is a 12 year old Collie mix. (Well she most likely is a Sheltie mix, but she thinks she is a Collie and is always seeking attention from her foster mom!)

Jordan was about to be relinquished to a shelter at 12 years old. Fortunately for her we were told of her situation and got her to the CRGI family! She came from a home which did not have time for her.

Jordan loves people. She a sweet natured love bug! She prefers to be the one and only pet in her home so she can shower her attention on her family without competition! She loves her belly rubs or back scratches and likes to be brushed. She will be your couch buddy too!

Jordan is crate trained and happy to lie in her crate when the door is open. She sleeps in her crate at night and during the day for a nap. Her favorite spot in her foster home is on the kitchen floor.

Jordan will do best in a home without the energy of young children.  Older children would be best. Jordan is very friendly and greets people with a wagging tail, seeking attention and pets. She is very obedient and easy going in her foster home.

Jordan is not very vocal, but she will tell you when she has to go outside, or occasionally if a stranger passes by her foster mom’s back yard. She is completely house trained. Jordan will do best with a fenced in yard. 

Jordan was saved in the nick of time from being put in a shelter at 12 years old! She has loads of love to share with a forever home that can give her the love and attention she deserves!

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