Medical Hold

9 Years

Jasper is 9 years old, picked up as a stray, and was in a shelter. He was chipped. Great news, right? Sadly not, his owners no longer wanted him and chose to leave him in the shelter. While you and I can’t even imagine leaving our family member in a shelter, this is a familiar story to those of us in rescue.

When the shelter shaved his matted coat they realized he needed EMERGENCY vetting. His feet had open wounds and were severely infected. He was feverish, weak and having trouble standing. Our incredible volunteers jumped into action to get this boy to the vet immediately. He was so weak and had to be carried into the vet.

He smelled like rotting flesh because his feet were so infected! His severe infection in his feet had spread through his body and he had sepsis. Sepsis is a severe bacterial infection that has spread through the body and attacks internal organs. Sepsis can be fatal and Jasper was now in a fight for his life. We were very afraid he would not make it.

 Neither our vet nor Jasper was ready to give up. He was given emergency care, his oozing wounds on his feet were cleaned and bandaged and he was given intravenous and oral antibiotics to battle the sepsis. Necrotic skin literally peeled off one of his feet.

Jasper is a fighter, and has been responding well to the continuous antibiotics, cleaning his wounded feet and regular bandage changes. He will need to remain in the hospital for one to two more weeks. Jasper is a sweet and affectionate boy and touches the heart of every person he meets!

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