10 Years

Jasper is 9-10 year old neutered sable rough Collie. But don't let his age deter you, he plays like a puppy at times. Jasper is very well behaved at home. Jasper's foster mom lets him roam the house when she is gone. When he is alone, he doesn't get into anything nor has he ever had an accident in the house. Jasper is housebroken and great with other animals. 

He is currently living with 4 cats that he adores, but he loves meeting other dogs on walks. Jasper would do well in a house with either another cat or dog as a companion. Despite his affection towards other animals, Jasper is a people pleaser. Jasper always likes to be by his foster mom's side and in the room that she is in. He does like to lounge on the couch and rest his head on his foster mom's lap. When she isn't petting him, he lets her know by a gentle nudge and/or paw tap. 

Jasper has never shown any signs of aggression; he eats breakfast and dinner alongside his feline companions. Jasper walks well on a leash, he likes to be right beside you. The only time he pulls, is when he sees another dog. Jasper isn't much of a barker; the only time he barks is when he gets excited. For example, when new people walk in the door or his foster mom goes and gets his leash. 

Jasper is slightly hesitant of men when he first meets them, but he will sniff them and then after a few seconds he is fine. Jasper has not come into contact with any children, but with his calm demeanor, we feel that he would do well with them. 

Jasper will make a great companion for a family looking for a laid back Collie.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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