10 Years

It’s hard not to melt at the site of Piper’s incredibly sweet face, but she will also impress you with her good manners!

Piper will happily show you all the commands that she knows (come, sit, stay, give paw).   Piper is looking for a forever home to follow around, snuggle with, and someone who will help her to feel safe and secure during storms and when loud noises scare her. 

Piper prefers to be the one and only dog in her home.
Piper is a pro when it comes to every-day events.  She is great on a leash, and enjoys spending time outside running around the yard.   Her foster mom is teaching her how to stop at curbs before crossing the street.  She is able to handle being left alone for periods of time with no issues and is crate trained. She settles in her crate with a comfy bed and a pillow. On car rides, she sits on the seat and rides well.
Piper’s foster mom says that she would do well in just about any situation, so if you’ve been looking for a Collie to add to your family, Piper is your girl!  Give her the chance to show you how loyal and loving she can be.

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