Lady Liberty


5 Years

Please meet Lady Liberty!

Lady Liberty and her 3 week old puppies found themselves in a shelter just before July 4th. Thanks to incredible efforts from our volunteers and foster homes, she and her family made it to us on July 4th! She was so relieved once she came into the care of CRGI! You could see the worry disappear from her face once she was out of the shelter and in a fantastic foster home. She was a wonderful mom to her 6 puppies.  Now it is time for Lady Liberty to find her very own forever home and family that she deserves! 

Lady Liberty is a very sweet affectionate girl who gets along with other dogs and loves to be near her people. She hasn’t met a stranger she doesn’t like. Lady Liberty is wonderful with children. Her foster home has a 3 year old son who Lady Liberty is always watching over. There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood who always come to play and Lady Liberty is always with them.

Lady Liberty (affectionately known as LL or Liberty) is completely housebroken and knows the command come, but little else. She walks nicely on a leash, but could use some fine tuning in her leash manners. She was a counter surfer for a bit and has overcome that issue. She does well in a crate, and has been trustworthy left out of the crate as well. She has no issues with thunder and storms. Liberty will get a bit skittish with other dogs barking. We suspect her time in the shelter made her sensitive to that situation. She is not a barker herself.

Lady Liberty needs to be coaxed into the car and lifted in. After she is in the car she is totally fine and lies down.

Lady Liberty likes to herd children and even people, but in a very gentle manner. She leans into you and tries to guide you and also stops right in front of you while walking. Her natural herding instinct kicking in! 

This is the sweetest and most awesome girl you would ever meet. She was dealt a rough deck of cards finding her and her family of 6 puppies in a shelter.  She was a fantastic mamma and now is the time for her to find her perfect forever home!  Could it be yours?

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