12 Weeks

Meet Ross!  Ross is part of our Independence Day family who found themselves in a shelter during the 4th of July holiday.  Ross came to us with 5 brothers and sisters. His mom, Lady Liberty, is a collie, but we are unsure what breed(s) dad might be. 

Ross has never met a stranger and is more than happy to greet everyone he sees.  This playful pup loves people, toys, and exploring his surroundings.  Ross especially enjoys running and playing with children.  He has been exposed to children as young as 14-months and up.  In typical puppy fashion, Ross will nip and jump, so he does need to be supervised and redirected.

Ross is very alert and seems to take in everything around him. He is very smart and has been easy to train as he is treat motivated. Ross is an active puppy and needs lots of outside exercise time.  He is working on potty training and is doing pretty well, but at 10 weeks, he still has accidents.  Of course, he does still like to chew with his puppy teeth and will need appropriate chew toys. Ross will need a secure yard as he tends to be an adventurer and will take advantage of an open door or a hole in the fence.  He just wants to explore the world around him! 

Ross is very curious about his foster mom’s cat, they have not established a relationship, but he should be seems to react appropriately. He is being fostered with his litter mate and they love to run and play together.  Ross should do well with another dog to play and sleep with.  Ross does talk quite a bit. He barks at his brother to get him to play and often is making noises.  Ross is super silly with his “blankie”.  When he is lying down, he pulls at it and barks at it until he gets it just right.

Ross loves attention but is also very content to lay down in the same room with his people. He prefers to be near people than on them. Ross is an energetic, active puppy who would do well with a family who will play with him and take him on daily walks.

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