18 Months

55 lbs

Meet Dunkin, 1.5 year old tri, who came to CRGI as a result of his loving owners having health issues that prohibited them from giving him the care he needs.

Dunkin is a very obedient dog that likes to please. He already knows: sit, down, come and paw! His foster mom says he would do great at obedience training as he’s willing to work for a treat! A secure fenced yard is required as he likes to run around and explore, which is not easily done on a long lead. Dunkin will need some help with his alarm barking and already made very good progress at his foster home. 

One of Dunkin’s favorite things to do is scoot his back into his foster parents so that they can give him some good butt scratches. He also doesn’t mind belly rubs and will take any form of attention. He truly is a very affectionate boy! Dunkin has also learned to like his crate, which he wasn’t thrilled about at first. He goes in there when he is left alone for more than a couple hours, but he also voluntarily goes into the crate to eat, get treats, and get petted, it is his calm place.

Dunkin has quickly settled into his foster home and has spent his time running around and playing with toys, getting love from his foster parents, and trying to be buddies with his older foster sister, who quickly decided that Dunkin was too rowdy for her. His Foster mom says Dunkin would do better with a dog who is equal in strength and can appreciate his playful energy, which are traits not typically found in older dogs like his foster sister. It is also recommended that he be in a home that doesn’t have young children.

Dunkin is a very sweet and silly soul who loves to play and have fun. He is very attached to his people and is looking for a family that will be home with him more often than not to partake in the fun and help him learn how to navigate through his world. He will make sure there is never a dull moment!

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