6 Years

60 lbs

Myra has an old fashioned name and old fashioned manners!  She is a Velcro collie that wants to be by your side. Myra is friendly, calm and seeks attention any time she can get it.  With her expressive face she likes to lay her head on your knee and ask for petting. Myra greets her family at the door when they come home.  

She sleeps on her dog bed and does not attempt to get on the furniture. Myra is pretty quiet but if there is an odd noise in the middle of the night she will be sure to let you know.   

Myra, a beautiful six year old rough collie with a wonderful soft coat, lived a quiet rural life before coming into CRGI as an owner surrender.  Because of that quiet life, a sudden loud noise can scare her.  A fenced yard is needed for Myra as she will try to slip her collar when she is scared.  Myra is house trained and only had an accident in the house when she was scared by a noise outside.  A day of crate training and patience put things back to normal.  Speaking of her crate, that is her safe place when it is storming outside or simply when she wants to rest.  Myra is not a fan of riding in the car, you will have to help her into the car if you need to take her somewhere.  And speaking of that quiet life, she doesn’t care for the noise from a TV, unless horses appear and then she actually watches TV. 
Myra likes to chew on bones as her toy of choice and doesn’t appear to have much of a prey drive in the yard.  Therefore, with an introduction, she would probably be good with cats in the home.  Although Myra lived with other dogs, an only dog home would be best for her. She wants all of the attention for herself.  As for children, Myra would be okay with them too as long as they are calm and over 6. 
To recap, Myra is sweet, loving and low energy.  She wants nothing more than a home with a fenced yard, maybe a cat, and humans to show her love and affection.  Would your home be a good fit for this beautiful girl?  

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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