1 Years

60 lbs

Murphy is a sweet and active one year old boy. He is starting to experience the real world around him and learning that not all sights and sounds are that scary after all. 

In just few weeks Murphy settled in and his foster mom reports that he is a social dog that loves attention, even if it just means laying close to his people. If another dog is getting attention, he will muzzle in and make sure you know that he is there, too. Attention is a big motivator for Murphy, and his foster mom says that when it comes to learning new behaviors, praise works better for him than treats.  

Murphy knows his name, sit, and shake, but further classes are needed to help him progress. He will also need help with basic things like, learning how to walk on a leash, getting into the car, and he still has some housebreaking issues.  

Murphy is still in a chewing phase, so his new family will need to make sure that he cannot get to things he shouldn’t have. A home with a fence is needed so that Murphy can run around freely. He would thrive with another dog around his age but a senior dog probably wouldn’t appreciate his energy level. 

Fireworks and loud, sudden noises tend to make him nervous so he needs a fenced yard and a calm home without children to help him feel safe and secure.

While Murphy has some specific requirements, we know this fun, sweet boy has so much to offer, he just needs a little patience and guidance.

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