6 Years

65 lbs 

Fenced yard required

Each dog that comes into our rescue is unique and with different needs. For some, it takes a bit longer, and more than one try, to find their forever home. Lucci has recently come back to our rescue and is still on his journey. We are committed to understanding what he needs to be successful in his forever home. 

While Lucci has been with his current foster home, we have learned that he is a sweet, very smart and determined dog. He knows how to walk politely on a leash, will come when called and sit when asked. He enjoys back scratches and will roll over to have his belly scratched. He has adjusted well to his crate.
Lucci will seek people out for affection and attention. But don’t let his good looks and charms fool you! Being a smart and strong willed dog, he will take advantage of the situation and will not be afraid to tell you what he wants. Lucci can be pushy and quite determined and you cannot give in to his demands. Lucci needs a firm owner to remind him he is not the boss. He would do best in a calm environment without too much going on. His ideal home would be a couple, at the most, with a low key lifestyle, who wants a dog that can just hang out with at home and go on walks. Lucci gets along well with the resident dogs; however, at times they tend to make him too excited and his foster mom believes he would do best as the only dog.

Lucci has a kind soul and means well, but he has the heart of a puppy and will need frequent reminders about proper manners, especially when meeting new people at home. When meeting new people in other locations, he behaves well and doesn't jump or whine. However, while meeting visitors who enter his foster mom’s house, he acts like a young pup and will jump on them if not kept on a tight leash. Lucci will need consistent guidance and training to continue proper behavior.
Lucci’s new home will require a fenced yard and owner with a training background to continue the work we have begun. Because of his strength and impulse control, Lucci will not be placed in a home with children. It is also important for Lucci to have a calm, strict, and consistent home to keep reinforcing the appropriate behavior.

If you are interested in Lucci and would enjoy a dog that is smart and affectionate, then he just might be for you!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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