9 Months

47 lbs 

Lucy is a smart young pup who is loving all of the new things she has experienced with her foster family.  From agility training to learning new commands, Lucy has shown that she is very smart and eager to learn. She fearlessly picked up on how to do several agility obstacles in just two tries.  Learning commands has also come easily to her.  She knows “kennel up” means to go to her crate, and she also responds to sit, come, quiet, up, paw, potty/out and hug.  

Lucy loves being around her people and meeting new people as well.  She responds positively to attention and just wants to please.  She will crawl into your lap to get hugged or petted.  Lucy is crated when alone but sleeps outside of her crate at night because she likes being close to her foster family in their bedrooms.  

When it comes to grooming, Lucy is overall good with both brushing and nail grinding.  She will get into a car by herself, but needs a little encouragement when it comes to jumping into SUVs because of the height.  Once she is in, she rides quietly with no issues.

With Lucy’s high energy level, we recommend an active family with older children. The ideal family for Lucy will be one that has a house with a fenced yard. Lucy is a vocal collie and does have a couple bad habits, such as demand barking and counter surfing, so her future family will need to continue to work with her on her training. 

Lucy is having fun experiencing new things and is looking for a home that will help her to continue to learn and grow!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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