6 Months

34 lbs

Ronan came to CRGI with his sister Kaylee after living in a dog run outside for the first months of his life.  He is very sweet, but also very curious and smart.  He loves running around the house looking for new things to get into, and loves chew toys and puzzle boards.  When he first arrived at his foster home, he ran around exploring his new environment and didn’t really want to be petted, but his foster family would stop him in his tracks to give him some love, and he was hooked.  Once you get Ronan by your side, he will be there for quite some time, and he might even fall asleep. 

Ronan is crated when alone, at eating time, and at night, but he prefers to not be in his crate.  He will bark and howl when he is done eating and when he is ready to get up in the morning.  He is doing well with house breaking, but still has an occasional accident inside on a puppy pad.   

Ronan is fantastic around new people.  If he is busy playing with a toy, he might not even notice they’ve come in, and once he does, he is very curious and friendly with the new people.  He is good with kids, but would be best with older children, as he has been known to jump.  Ronan has two Collie foster brothers, and he loves to play with the younger one.  He has also learned a lot from them, like how to walk on a leash. Ronan would thrive in a home with another dog to show him the ropes and help him to get out some of his puppy energy. 

Ronan still needs help with commands, but he should pick up on them quickly.  He responds well to the word ‘no’ and takes corrections nicely.  He is excellent in the car and will ride quietly in the back.  While he does have a lot of energy, he is able to calm down and quietly play with a toy or take a nap, and he will usually do it close to where his foster family is sitting.  Ronan isn’t a big barker, only when the vacuum is on or when he wants to get out of his crate, and sometimes he’ll join in with his foster brothers when they see something outside. 

This sweet little boy is fun and adventurous, and looking for a family to show him more new things that the world has to offer.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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