7 Years

47 lbs 

Fenced yard required

Lad is an easy-going boy who is looking for his forever home after coming to CRGI when his previous owners were no longer able to care for him due to working long hours. At seven years-old, he has the energy to run around with his human foster brother and likes to play with other dogs, but he doesn't roughhouse and mostly likes to sniff around and wag his tail. He would do well in a home that has another dog, as long as the other dog doesn't like to play too rough. Lad is a little unsure when meeting new people but he warms up to them within minutes.

Lad's foster dad says that he has no issue leaving Lad home alone because he doesn't get into anything and can be trusted. Lad has not had any housebreaking issues and he is not a counter surfer. Lad is good on walks and good with riding in the car, although he does need some help with getting in and out. He knows some commands, like "come here," "sit," and "no," but could use some help with learning more. A fenced yard is needed for Lad because he is nervous when encountering something he is unsure of and sudden movements make him cower. Also, he has been known to chase cars and bicycles, and he really likes to bark at bikes. Lad is vocal guy who will certainly alarm you about just everything and likes to "talk" a lot.  

With his friendly disposition and love for being around people and other dogs, Lad would be an excellent addition to just about any home.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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