9 Months

53 lbs 

Young, sweet, and energetic June is ready to find her forever home. Her foster family has found that she is very active and has a strong herding instinct, but she also likes to have down time and is a big cuddler. June needs a family that will be patient with her and help harness her energy with training and lots of activity.  She responds really well to praise, and when she is told to stop doing something she shouldn't like getting too pushy with the resident dogs, she will listen. Speaking of dogs, June does get along with them but she likes to herd smaller dogs.  She would be fine in a home with another dog that is patient with her or can get used to a high energy companion. Due to her prey drive and herding tendencies towards small animals, June will not be placed in a home with cats. June is very interested in kids when she is out on walks, and lived with some in her previous home, but since June is a mouthy and excitable puppy, she would do best with older kids.

At home, June has no issues with stairs, and she doesn't seem to have any issues with the vacuum, thunder, or other loud noises.  June is crated when she is left alone due to her age and chewing tendencies. She isn't the biggest fan of the crate but she is getting used to it. She will bark if she knows her foster family is around, but she quiets down when they are out and they come home to a quiet house. June has learned to go into her crate at feeding time when she hears "kennel up," but she is anxious to get out once she is done. At night, when June is told "bed time" she will go into the pen she sleeps in near her foster mom and is good in there as long as she can see her.

June already knows few commands: sit, down, stop, come, leave it, drop, kennel up, and bed time. Her foster mom says she is a fast learner! She will just need a little help with learning new commands. When it comes to grooming, June is good for baths but did not like to be brushed at the first. Now she is OK with it. Sometimes she gets silly and tries to grab the brush. June let her foster mom grind her nails. She saw the resident dog getting his done and she wanted a turn! 

June is young and still growing. She needs a family that is willing to be patient and learn how to keep her engaged and active, but she will keep them smiling with her loving and silly personality. Just give her a hose and baby pool if you want to see June have a good time, or just turn on the television, she likes to watch.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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