3 Years

92 lbs

Fence yard required
Fostered at SE Michigan

Meet Ace, a 3 year old boy looking for a family of his own.

Ace was surrendered due to his family life changes.  He is a big tri boy who needs to lose a few lbs. Ace is very sweet and likes everyone he meets.  He gets attached to his humans, especially women, very quickly. 

Ace is overall a well behaved boy and wants to please but needs to work on a few small things.  An experienced owner with a fenced yard would be best for this big guy. Trash is very tempting for Ace if there is not a lid on the can. He also wishes his foster Mom would let him check things out on the kitchen counters....but she won't.  Ace responds well when being corrected and, as we said he, he really does want to please.  

Ace likes his toys. He will play a little fetch and is working on catching them in the air. Ace's leash walking still could use some work as he tends to zig and zag a bit. He is not a fan of crates but will spend short times in one if necessary. Ace gets along with other resident collies and loves to run with collies near his age! 

Ace does have some resource guarding issues with humans if given high value chew so we don't give him anything that he thinks is of high value. But it is also something we think in time he will be better about. Ace has had couple of guarding incidents while in foster home.  That was over a chew horn he found in the doggie toy box. With positive training, reinforcement and consistency this boy will be the best collie ever.  An obedience class would make him really shine!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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