Medical Hold

9 Years

65 lbs 

Steve is a sweet, smart, easy-going 9 & ½ year old boy who came to CRGI after his owner passed away. He loves to keep himself busy with treat puzzles, and has mastered three of them in a short time. His foster mom knows when he wants a puzzle because he will go over to the counter where they are kept and will whine and stare at it. Steve has not had any accidents and is able to communicate when he needs to go out. If his foster mom is in the kitchen, he will ring the bell by the back door, otherwise he will try to jump in her lap to make sure she knows. He loves to have his backside scratched and will even go as far as to back his way into the bathroom to get the scratches from his foster mom.

When it comes to everyday living, Steve is a pro. He walks well on leash and stays to the left without tugging or trying to stray. He hasn't been interested in going out into the fenced yard without his foster mom so he would probably be alright without a fence. He has a grass allergy, so he may not enjoy the outdoors as much as other dogs. Bathing Steve should be a breeze, as the groomer reported that he enjoyed getting a bath. He rides well in a car although he needs some help getting in. He can do stairs with no problem. Steve can be trusted to be alone for short periods of time and he hasn't gotten into anything or shown an interest in being destructive. He is very comfortable in his crate and likes to sleep there with the door open or on a his dog bed. Steve has only had a brief encounter with another dog and his was friendly.

While Steve has been at his foster home, he has shown to be very loyal to his foster mom. He follows her around and stays very close so she is working on personal boundaries with him. Steve is also very protective of her, and he has demonstrated behavior that indicates a preference toward women. Steve can be bit leery when meeting new people, he will warm up to women, but he has been reactive toward men. He will require a home that is committed to providing guidance and being patient in order to help him overcome his fears. Steve will also require a female-only home and it is recommended that he be crated or put in another room when males are present until he is comfortable around men. A home with no children would be most desirable.

Steve will require a special home that is as unique as him but the effort needed will be well worth the loyalty and friendship that he gives back.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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