5 Years

Meet sweet Franny!

Franny is 5 year old rough collie with a beautiful blue coat and gives butterfly kisses!

Franny is a super smart girl who has learned to walk on a leash politely, sit, down, wait and come since she has been with her foster mom. She did not know what to do with a toy when she first came to us but has learned to play and throw around a toy for amusement. When she plays, she is still learning how to grab a toy vs. a little nibble on a hand.  A little “ouch” and redirection to a toy works great for her.

Franny is all about the people in her life! She absolutely loves people and attention. Training is a breeze with her because all she wants to do is please. Her foster mom gets occasional resistance on sitting and waiting for her food…lol. Franny is smart though, and her foster mom just waits her out after asking her to sit and Franny will do it!

Franny is a Velcro girl and always want to be by her humans’ side. She is very sensitive and will respond best to positive training methods. Training classes would benefit Franny to help her gain confidence in new situations. Due to her Velcro and active nature, she does not always take the best pictures!! Trust us, she is gorgeous!

She is slightly shy when meeting new people, but overcomes that very quickly with a little love…just a soft pat and a little love and she becomes all about you and will often share her butterfly kisses. New situations are a bit scary for her. She looks to her human for confidence. If her human is confident, she is confident. 

Franny is dog social, but a bit pushy for attention, not aggressive. She will do well as an only dog, or with a confident playmate. She currently resides with two foster pups. One is more confident, one more submissive. She adjusted well with the confident dog but was pushy with the submissive pup until she was finally “told off”.  She then respected the submissive pups’ boundaries.   She plays very exuberantly, so small children or a senior dog might not appreciate her exuberant nature. It is unknown how she will do with cats.

Franny in an interesting mix of confidence and insecurity. She can be very confident and curious and has moments of insecurity in new situations. Most of her insecurities she over comes quickly….except for the car. She is not a huge fan of getting into a car or car rides. This will take some patience and consistent positive training to help her overcome. Her foster mom has never had a dog so happy to train and willing to please her human. Franny will happily take your direction and is an amazing dog.

If you are looking for a super sweet, super smart girl who gives butterfly kisses, Franny is the perfect dog for you.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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