4 Years

52 lbs
Fenced Yard Required

Meet Prince!

This fun-loving boy is a beautiful 4 year old white collie.  

Prince is very affectionate and wants to be with his people. He would do well in a household where people are around a lot. In order to be close, Prince thinks nothing of laying in the middle of the room, no matter how small, if you are there. He goes to his crate willingly, although he does protest if you leave the house. He does settle down in his crate and is probably going to be fine for longer periods once he gets into a routine.  

Household noises for the most part are okay, but he will bark at a vacuum. Prince is a curious and very observant boy. He looks for dogs when they are on TV and runs behind the set when certain sounds are heard, like a dog barking or whining. He loves food and uses his nose to seek it out. Watch out! He is not afraid to jump up on counters or tables if he smells something interesting and will help himself. His foster mom has been teaching Prince to “leave it.”

Prince loves being groomed and will stand or lay down so that brushing and combing can continue.  

This boy can be opinionated, but he will lay down on command and he is learning to sit. Once Prince discovered that squirrels go up the tree, he started barking up at them, trying to convince them to come back down. Prince loves to play but can be rough on toys. He has a paper fetish, so garbage and mail need to be put away. Prince is an active boy and would do well with another playful dog. He will chase small animals, so a cat running through the house in fear would be fair game to him. A dog savvy cat might be OK to be around. 

Prince knows his name and comes in the house willingly. He is very treat oriented so training is easy. Prince is a fun dog and will make a great pet!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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