Adoption Pending

2 Years

54 lbs 
Fence yard required

Do you love to step outside to gaze at the brilliant glow from a full moon?  If so, let us introduce Collie Rescue's resident light, Luna.

Luna is a 2.5-year-old blue merle smooth collie, and besides being a very smart girl, she is strikingly lovely.  Right now, Luna is a little wary of new situations, and may startle easily at sudden noises, but she has excellent recovery, great focus, and with a little work, should blossom into an outstanding companion. Formal training is highly recommended for this pretty girl.

The cloud that might block a bit of Luna's light is that she cannot be in a home with animals smaller than she is.  No cats, bunnies, chickens, hamsters, ferrets, birds or little dogs.  Fish may be ok. Luna has a very high prey drive which makes it absolutely necessary that she not be with smaller, quick-moving pets, and we regret that we can make no exceptions on this requirement.

Luna gets along fine with other similar-sized dogs, but might challenge another pushy dog. A home as an only, or with an easy-going male dog might work best. She very much enjoys older children, and displayed no herding tendencies with them in her foster home, but we would recommend homes with children older than 8.

Luna sleeps happily in her crate, and enjoys her meals there, too.  She IS a smooth collie, and true to her breed is very inclined to counter-surf, and to chew on interesting things she finds within reach.  This tendency is minimized by giving her food-dispensing toys, antlers to chew on, and treat puzzles.  As we've said, she's a very smart girl, and enjoys having work to do.  

The moon shines from reflected rays from the sun - are you the home who can bounce light back to Luna and keep her glowing?

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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