11 Months

55 lbs 
Fenced yard required

Nora was returned to us and went back to one of our foster homes. They have fallen in love with her and are adopting her.

Nora is an affectionate young girl who came to our rescue a little timid and shy, but full of affection and playfulness. She does approach some situations with caution but she loves attention and doesn't like to be left out. Nora will need a family that will be patient with her and help her adjust to the world around her as she tries to learn that it's not so scary. An ideal forever home would be with an experienced dog owner who is willing to work with Nora and help her gain more confidence.

Since arriving at her foster home, Nora's foster mom has learned a lot about her. Nora likes playing with toys, but she absolutely loves playing with other dogs, both with and without toys! Nora would do best with another playful and confident dog that can match her enthusiasm and similar play style.

Nora is a little nervous when meeting new people but she warms up quickly and then wants attention from them. She shows affection by trying to climb onto people and snuzzle into them; gently she will take all the attention she can get!

While she loves people and dogs, Nora could use some help with her social skills. She is known to jump a lot when she gets excited and she doesn't always realize that she has taken it too far. Because of her enthusiastic interactions, she would do best in a home with older kids or no kids.

Nora has not had any major housebreaking issues but she does sometimes have little accidents when she gets excited to see people. She is good about going into her crate and, because she is still young, it is the best place for her when she is unsupervised to ensure that both Nora, and anything she could potentially find, stay safe. Nora will sleep in her crate with no issues but she has also slept on the floor or pet beds. She does find the couch rather comfy and would probably really love a family that would allow her to make herself at home on their furniture.

Cars passing by, people running, and diesel trucks are just a few of the noises that make Nora feel nervous and bit frantic. A secure fenced yard is needed to help her feel safe and minimize the risk of her running off. Car rides can also be stressful. Nora's foster mom has found that Nora will jump into the car but she will bark and whine: then she doesn't want to get out. 

While Nora may require a bit more patience than most dogs, she makes up for it in sweetness and affection! She would do well in a home with at least one person who is around a lot and another energetic dog would be ideal for her. Consider making Nora a permanent member of your family. Don't you think your couch could use a little collie fluff?

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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