6 Years

60 lbs 
Fenced yard required

Hello, handsome! Duncan is a six year-old boy who is ready to find his forever home. Duncan is very loving but will need a special family that will be patient with him as he is bit timid and requires time to warm up to people at his own pace. He likes to be close but he doesn’t need to be the center of attention.

Duncan enjoys being around other dogs and will need a home with an easy going and playful dog, preferably one close to his age and size. He loves to run and play with his canine foster siblings. His foster mom says she doesn’t think Duncan has ever really played much with other dogs before but is quickly learning how much fun it can be. 

Duncan sleeps on a pet bed on the floor and does not jump on furniture. He was good at the groomer and will let his foster mom brush him without fussing. Duncan can be crated, although he might cry at first, he will eventually settle down.

Duncan has been left at home for a short time and nothing was destroyed but beware, he is a counter surfer. He could definitely use some guidance with breaking that bad habit. He could also use some help with basic commands because he only knows his name, and even then, he doesn’t always come when called.

Duncan will need a yard with a fence to give him the freedom to run around. Duncan was a bit unsure when he arrived and somewhat of a picky eater. No more, he now needs to be fed separately from other dogs because he will try to take their food when he's done! Toys don’t really interest him and he doesn’t mind if other dogs have them. He may learn to like toys in the future. 

While Duncan needs some extra guidance and patience, it will be so worth it when he sits down next to you and puts his head in your lap and just wants to be near you.

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