5 Years

70 lbs 

Bronx's foster home has fallen in love! They will be adopting him.

Fenced yard required

Bronx came to CRGI underweight and with some health issues that needed to be addressed, but he is doing great and ready to find a family that can keep him on a healthy path. 

Bronx is a guy who knows how to have fun. He absolutely loves toys! He especially loves to throw around soft toys in the house with his foster mom and will go through his toy bucket until he finds one that is safe for inside. Bronx also loves to get attention and will lay his head on your arm, lap, or shoulder to get close, and he will even get into your lap if you let him.

When it comes to meeting strangers, Bronx is like a lot of collies: wary at first and will bark, but then settles down quickly. He is friendly and will want the attention. 

Bronx has some resource guarding tendencies with other dogs and prefers to keep the attention all to himself. For this reason, he would do best as the only dog. 

Bronx responds well to being crated and will go in on his own when he is told to "go to bed." He has developed an interest in the small trash cans throughout the house, so he is crated when left alone. At his foster home, he is used to a four-foot fence and has shown no interest in jumping over. However, the landscaping noises bother him and he also runs to see bikes when they go by. In his forever home, Bronx would prefer a fenced yard that would help him feel safe and keep him from bolting.

Car rides are no problem for Bronx, he just might need a little boost getting in. He likes walks and does well on them. He gets excited when the short leash comes out. Bronx knows a few commands, like "sit," "shake," "come," and "wait," but could use some help with "down," particularly when it doesn't involve a treat. Bronx gets weekly baths due to skin issues and he has been good while being bathed and blown dry. The groomer also gave him a good report.

Bronx has proven to be a great foster family member but he is ready to move into your house and heart permanently.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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