2 Years

50 lbs 
Fenced yard preferred

Bonnie Bella Bonita - Bonnie lives up to her given name! She is beautiful and she knows it. Her pretty eyes are soulful, her face looks like velvet and her coat is a shiny mahogany. Bonnie came to us as an owner surrender as sadly her family could no longer care for her. It’s apparent though that Bonnie has been loved and well cared for before arriving to our rescue. She is a nice size girl at 50 lbs and has an elegant look about her. 

Bonnie is very well behaved in the house and overall has very nice manners. She is not a counter surfer and knows what she’s supposed to do when she’s outside. Bonnie’s foster mom reported no accidents in the house. She walks acceptably on a leash but can be somewhat nervous in new situations. She will require some time to get used new noises and new places. Getting in a car is not her favorite thing. She needs to be  encouraged to get in or just picked up but, once she’s in, Bonnie is good in back seat and rides quietly. 

Bonnie is a sweet girl. When she arrived, she was bit nervous and uncertain but settled in quite well after few days. Nowadays, she does not shy away from a hug and loves a good butt scratch! She seems to like both men and women, without a preference. Bonnie likes toys and will do well with someone who will play with her and give her praises. She will quickly bond with her human playmate. But don’t be tricked by her good looks and charming beauty. When excited or wanting something, Bonnie will definitely let you know! Being a collie, she can be quite vocal at times and will require a patient family to work on that.

While at her foster home, Bonnie has been living with dogs and kitties. Her foster mom reports she’s been doing quite well with their company. She was a bit possessive over food or toys at first with the dogs, but after setting some boundaries and basic rules, Bonnie has settled in and has no problem sharing now. She is getting along fine with easy going, more submissive and playful dogs. 

If you’re looking for a sweet young collie, Bonnie may be the one!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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