1 Years

67 lbs
Fenced yard required
Fostered in SE Michigan

Astro came to our rescue as an owner-surrender but, in his short life, he has experienced so much love which is reflected in his happy-go-lucky personality. His previous owners adored him but, circumstances changed and they knew CRGI could find another great home for him. Astro's foster mom describes him as a joy and he keeps proving that to her over and over.

While he is only a year old, he is not a high-energy dog. He likes playing with rope toys and has a favorite bunny toy, which he brought with him to his foster home. He can be playful with both people and other dogs, and he also gets along well with cats. When he meets new people, he waits to see what they are all about, sniffs them, and then waits for attention. Sweet Astro is even good with kids, and even previously lived with a 4-year-old little girl who loved him, so he would fit in well with just about any type of family.

Doggie basics are a breeze for Astro. He is good for grooming and nail trimming, stairs are no problem, he can jump in and out of a car, and he is good in a crate. Loud noises don't seem to bother him, and conversely, he doesn't make a lot of noise himself, except for when a car pulls into the driveway, or he may join in when other dogs are barking. He hasn't shown a lot of interest in chewing, but his foster mom thinks that having toys available will help to keep him from getting bored and making bad decisions. Astro, for the most part, is good with commands. He responds to "sit," "shake," "go to the house," and "wait," but could use a little more practice with "come" when distracted outside. He pulls a little when on a leash, so a little more practice with that, too, and he should be just fine.

A fenced yard is necessary for Astro, as he may not instantly come when called, and he may be tempted to go after the creatures he discovers while outside. 

If you are looking for a happy, fun, easy-going young dog, Astro might be just the pup for you.

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