5 Years

58 lbs

Fenced yard required

Every so often a new collie comes to us needing some help with acclimating to a life that offers them love, comfort, and safety, things they might not have previously experienced. Allie came to CRGI timid and shy, unsure of her surroundings and how to react to people, but she did like being around other dogs, and found that her crate was her safe place. Over time, her crate is still where she goes to decompress, but her foster mom has been working with her to teach her how to trust that her family will take care of her. She has become more comfortable with being around people and more accepting of attention. Her foster mom has learned that when Allie comes and stands by her, she is looking for some affection, and has progressed from quick pets to soaking up as much love as she can get. Allie is a sweet girl who will need a soft hand and a lot patience. 

When Allie is out of the crate, she will join her foster family but typically does not lay on the furniture like the other dogs. She prefers to hang in the back and observe what is going on around her. Allie will need a home that is willing to be patient with her and allow her the space she needs to take in what’s going on and be able to step away when needed. Her crate is her safe place and this is where she prefers to sleep, where she goes to relax, and it is where she eats.  

Allie could use some practice when it comes to walking on a leash. So far, she is doing well with being guided, but she will need some help when it comes to longer walks on streets where there may be some activity going on around her. She is a bit of an alarm barker both inside and out of the house but she can be easily quieted with a “no bark” command.  Grooming is not a problem for Allie, she loves to be brushed, and has no issues with having her nails trimmed. Car rides are easy, she doesn’t have a problem being in the car, she just might need some assistance with getting in. 

A fenced in yard will be necessary for Allie. She enjoys roaming in the backyard, but she also barks at passersby and will run along the fence line. Giving her the safety of a fence will also help her adapt to the world around her as she becomes comfortable with all the new sights and sounds. 
Sweet Allie has made progress with learning how to relax and trust the people around her, so her next home needs to provide her with the same sense of love, security, and patience to help her on her journey. Could you be the one?

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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