10 Months

60 lbs 

Meet Mia, a ten-month old puppy that loves being around people, getting petted, playing with other dogs, and having fun with toys. She enjoys being part of a pack and just wants to be accepted. One of her favorite things to do is play hide and seek with the resident dogs, a game she picked up quickly.  

While Mia is a sweet, fun-loving pup, she isn’t too keen on being outside because of all the unfamiliar noises. She favors the safety of the back door and will run if she hears something that she thinks is scary, so a fenced yard at her forever home is important for her safety.  When it is time to go out, sometimes she will run out the door with the other dogs, but usually she needs to be coaxed. Mia does like to follow her foster mom outside, but she will stay close until she feels confident enough to run and play on her own. Mia has gradually become more comfortable with the world outside. Her foster mom is working with her to be less fearful by sitting with Mia on a leash and then rewarding the pup with taking her off the leash to play. Mia will need a family that can be patient and slowly introduce her to new sights and sounds. 

Inside the house, Mia has no issues with noises and has shown no fear of vacuums or other household noises. She also doesn’t react to outside noises and will just watch the other dogs when they do bark. Mia mostly only vocalizes when she wants something, like food or to be let out of the crate. She’ll also bark when one of the dogs has a toy that she wants. 

Mia is a very smart girl and picks up on things quickly. She knows several commands (sit, down, and come) and is working on learning some new ones, too. Obedience classes could be a great way for her to learn more and build her confidence. Mia can get into a car on her own but will sometimes need encouragement. She will go into her crate with no issue but will let you know when she wants to be let out. She is still in a chewing phase and has been known to enjoy gnawing on rugs and other objects with texture, so crating is necessary when left alone. At night, she sleeps near her foster parents and the resident dogs. 

While Mia may be a collie, her foster mom says that she is a butterfly just starting to unfold her wings. She will be a beautiful addition to any home that is willing to be patient and help her develop into a sweet, smart, and confident dog. 

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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