3 Years

67 lbs

Fenced yard required

Three-year-old Titan may look like a Scotch collie, but we think he is a sable collie mix. Ha has a beautiful “collie” blaze. Titan is a diamond in the rough. He is an active dog that will need a little bit of guidance to become an outstanding canine citizen.
Titan is housebroken and can be left alone at home for extended periods of time. He will happily chew on his Nylabone while he awaits your return. He does not counter surf but will take a sniff just to see what’s up there.

He is a very sweet boy who loves people. As a matter of fact, he’s so attached to the foster family’s adult son that he likes to sleep in the room with him.

Titan is a big goof. He loves to lay belly up on his favorite person’s bed. He’s way too big to be a lap dog, but this doesn’t stop him from crawling onto people’s laps. He entertains himself with toys, throwing them up in the air. He enjoys soft toys so much that he destroys them. He’s great at giving kisses. Titan loves attention, chasing a ball, and running laps. He also likes to “talk” a lot.

Titan will readily vault over a couch while he’s having fun but has not attempted to jump a fence. Due the fact that he does not have good recall and loves running, he will require a fenced yard in his forever home. 

He has a deep bark which he uses to alert others. No need for a burglar alarm with this boy. If a person or an animal is approaching, Titan will let you know. He likes to chase squirrels and will also catch any fly that enters your house. However, when this big boy chases flies, he puts your lamps at risk. 

Titan is not a picky eater and takes treats gently. However, he has shown food guarding tendencies with resident dogs. For this reason, he needs to be fed and given treats separate from the other household dogs. A home without a male dog and without small pets is required. An active female playmate might be great for him! Titan is a dominant male, but the dominant female in his foster home promptly puts him in his place. 

He will sit on command and freely offers his paw. In fact, he will use that same paw to get your attention. His foster parent said he can go up and down stairs “like a thundering herd.” He was okay riding in the car when he was taken home from the vet. He pulls while walking on the leash but is improving with practice and training. At times, he will enter his crate voluntarily, but it’s not his favorite place to be. He’s not afraid, but he does not like loud noises: lawn mower, leaf blower, fireworks, blender, etc. He only barks at the blender though. Although he’s gotten better about it, Titan does not enjoy being brushed. He came to the rescue with heavily matted fur; we are sure this contributes to his aversion. Given additional training and reinforcement, this smart boy has quickly learned more commands and continues to improve. 

He would love an active family to provide him with the exercise and stimulation he craves.  Titan is treat motivated and willing to train with his human! He can show you a few tricks that he knows already.

Titan needs some guidance but will be a great companion. This beautiful boy just needs a patient family that will work with him and love him. To make this active, loving dog part of your family, fill out an adoption application today.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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