3 Years

60 lbs

Fence yard required

Kasey is a loving, people oriented three-year-old collie who likes to lean against you while being pet. He has a young dog’s level of energy and does well playing games of fetch and running with the resident dogs. This youthful vigor leads him to jump when excited or playful. While excited, he can also be a bit mouthy but never aggressively. Because of his exuberance, he would not be well suited to a home with small children until he has learned more socially appropriate behavior. 

Kasey is very people oriented and usually comes right away when called. He is so excited when people visit that he needs to be restrained initially to give him a moment to adjust to the visitors. He is a friendly, social boy who loves to play and run with the other dogs. He gets a bit overly enthusiastic in his play at times but accepts and defers to the resident dogs’ corrections. He also responds well to verbal correction when indicated. Kasey will bark at new noises but has not shown any fearful reactions to new sounds and experiences.

Kasey has many fine qualities and has adjusted well to his foster home. He is housebroken but had few marking accidents when he arrived. He is crated when home alone and behaves well in his crate. He settles down nicely with toys in an exercise pen and will bark when he’s ready to come out and play. He rides quietly in the car but must be tethered to keep him in the back seat. Kasey even tolerates brushing and bathing without issue. He responds well to some commands: come, quiet, and in your crate. He often sits on command and likes to play fetch. Kasey will definitely benefit from a formal obedience training program as he is very bright and eager to please his people.

Kasey will adjust to most family situations. Because of his size and puppy-like high energy level when at play, he will need someone dog-savvy who will patiently help him adapt to his new environment and control puppy like impulses. He could be a Velcro dog to a single person or a happy playmate to a family with older dog savvy kids. He can be a single dog since his focus is mainly people, but he will also do well as part of a pack. He does fine with cats as well. Kasey is used to a 4 to 6 foot fence and it is required as it gives him the opportunity to exercise with other dogs. He hasn’t mastered the leash walking just yet and is bit unsure of all the sights and sounds on his walks. 

If all of these wonderful qualities have not already convinced you that Kasey is an awesome dog, his foster parent had this to say: “If we didn’t already have 3, he would never be leaving our home!!!” Make this sweet, lovable boy part of your family. Fill out an adoption application today!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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