5 Years

60 lbs

Fenced yard: May be negotiable.

01/03/2022 UPDATE:
Boy oh boy, do I like to play! My foster brother has been teaching me all things play related and I’m having the best time of my life now. And did I mention I love all toys equally? Stuffed, rubber squeaky, tennis balls and any tug variety. I share my toys gladly with my foster brother and fetch is my favorite game! I love a good wrestle but I don’t care for the over the back tackling that can come with wrestling.

Snow is delicious! I love to eat it! Romping in it is okay but I figure why run when eventually my foster brother will run past and I can pounce. Did I mention I am a well behaved boy and my foster mom says I can be trusted when left home alone!?

My coat is starting to come in really good now and my foster family says that I am a handsome boy. Well, if you’re looking for a sweet and affectionate collie then I’m your boy! And I’m ready to move into your house and heart permanently.
Five-year-old Rocky came to us with skin issues caused by a severe flea infestation. He has been receiving antibiotics and much needed medicated baths twice a week. His skin feels and looks great now and his coat is filling is great, too! Rocky’s personality started to emerge more and more, and his foster mom is happy to report that Rocky is a very sweet boy that loves people! He will seek out love and pets. When he meets new people, he is quiet but greets them with a wagging tail and does not jump. He is still learning how to play with other dogs, particularly when it comes to playing with a highly desirable toy, but he does like to hang out with his canine foster brother. Rocky’s foster mom reports that Rocky is easily trainable and highly motivated (he already knows several commands), so with a little effort, his new family can help him learn how to interact with other pups and learn other positive behaviors. Because he is a sensitive and cautious boy, we feel a home with older children/young adults that can provide a quiet environment would be the best match for sweet Rocky.

Rocky is a curious boy and likes to investigate things while he is on walks, but he keeps up with his foster brother and doesn’t get distracted. He can be trusted to be out of his crate when people are home as long as there is no food within his reach, or he will help himself. Who wouldn’t? His foster mom doesn’t think it is a good idea to leave him out alone for too long as he likes the companionship and might get stressed. He is good in his crate; however, he does whine a little at first, but eventually will settle down. Rocky’s preferred place to sleep is wherever closest to his people.  

Grooming has been minor due to his skin condition, but he enjoys baths and was good during nail clipping at the vet. His foster mom has started to introduce Rocky to some brushing on his mane. He was a little unsure of this at first but seems to enjoy it now. He is also learning to tolerate getting his paws wiped with a towel. 

In general, Rocky tends to be a quiet dog, only occasionally barking when someone is at the door or when he is inside and sees his foster dad on the riding lawn mower. Loud noises don’t seem to scare him, no issues with thunder or fireworks. 

One of Rocky’s pet peeves is wet paws, and he will lick his until they are dry. One day he noticed that his foster brother’s paws were still wet from a walk, so Rocky leaned over and was kind enough to help him get dry.  
Rocky’s coat is getting fluffier, and he is feeling much better, too! Rocky is looking for a family that will be patient with him as he becomes comfortable in his new environment and learns to feel relaxed with the world around him.  

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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