7 Months

44 lbs
Fenced yard: Desirable

Meet Happy! 

A seven-month-old boy that is still a puppy in many ways. Running around with his foster canine brother or playing with toys are his favorite activities. Happy loves the companionship of other dogs. While playing, Happy doesn’t yet understand that jumping up on them while excited isn’t always welcome, but he’s learning fast. He would do great with another active and tolerant dog that is able to put up with his energy and puppy-like antics. 

His foster mom reports that Happy is a sweet boy that likes to cuddle and would love to sit in her lap if allowed. In the house, he is generally easy going and social when meeting new people. He is curious about cats and bunnies and gets along well with both.

Happy is also a sensitive boy that responds well to a gentle approach. He is fine at home but a little bit unsure of new sounds when outside and in new situations. Since he is a bit unsure at times and hasn’t received much experience with leash walking, we feel a fenced yard will be beneficial for his happiness and safety.

Overall, Happy is pretty good in the house. But since he’s still a puppy and likes to chew, he should be crated while not supervised. He does well when in his crate. Car rides aren’t his favorite thing and he will need help getting in. Getting out is no problem. 

When Happy arrived, he had couple of accidents in the house but quickly learned where he’s supposed to go. This boy knows sit and will come when called but doesn’t know any other commands just yet. Happy will need some training as he hasn’t had much in his past. He also needs to learn proper leash walking manners. We know Happy is a smart boy who will quickly catch on. He would love a patient family to show him the ropes.

Sweet Happy is looking for a forever family that will be patient, willing to keep him engaged, and eager to continue teaching him new things. In return, Happy will keep you smiling with his sweet and loving personality!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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