5 Years

55 lbs
Fenced yard required

Hello! My name is Blue and I am a 5 year old, smooth blue girl. My Foster Mom says I am gorgeous inside and out. I love affection, learning new things, play time and to gaze adoringly into your eyes.
I haven’t had much exposure to the outside world but am super excited to learn! I have already learned my name, come and happily figured out my foster mom’s routine. There are certain things in the house that I am still learning, like I would love to stick my head in the oven, but Mom says it is dangerous. (It smells so good!) She tells me “back”. I also like to door dash and am trying really hard to learn “wait.”
I LOVE meeting new people and dogs and may get a bit over excited and distracted at first.  So many new things and people to get to know and explore make me happy! Once I get to know you, I love petting, scratches and belly rubs. Mom says I want to make my people happy and try very hard.
I love to go for walks, although I prefer to run!!! Foster Mom says I am doing better on a leash and need to keep working on my leash manners. She uses a front clip harness on me to help remind me not to pull. It is hard to remember at times, but I am getting there!  My foster mom and I decided a fenced yard is best because I get the zoomies and mom says I get easily distracted by squirrels, birds and anything shiny and new!

I like other dogs. I can be over excited at first, but then settle down and am very respectful. I get along great with my foster brother and sister. Cats remind me of squirrels, so best no cats or small animals in the house. 

Foster Mom says I need a home that likes to exercise both my body and mind. I am still learning about toys and happily go chase them. She wants me to bring them back, I think it is funny she goes and gets them and throws them again. 

I have so much to learn and would love to be in a training program to learn more.  Foster Mom says I have a huge potential! I am not super treat motivated. Well except for liver and cooked meat. Happy to take both from your hand. I have even learned the crate is a good thing because I get cooked meat in a Kong. I prefer the crate when Foster Mom is out of the house because I don’t like it when she leaves. If I have a stuffed Kong in my crate, she can leave, and I don’t worry about her leaving. 
I love to follow my Foster Mom around and be right by her side. (She says my name should be Shadow). And did I mention I LOVE belly rubs?  They are my absolute favorite thing in the world along with hanging out with my Foster Mom. 

If you are the people for me to love on, teach me new things and give me belly rubs forever, then I will be your adoring, forever girl!

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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