1 Years

60 lbs 

Fenced yard required

Casper is a playful one & half year old collie who has proven to be a wonderful houseguest since arriving at his foster home. He is good with other dogs, is curious about cats, and he really loves being around his humans, once he gets to know them. It took a bit, but after just a few days, he felt comfortable enough to give his foster family kisses and now loves being around them. Casper is a trustworthy young dog who has not had any accidents inside, and his foster mom says that he hasn’t attempted to chew anything when left alone. 

For fun, Casper loves running in the yard, and he is fast! A physical fence is required since he sometimes has to think about coming when called. A fence would provide a little extra security for him. Casper also likes going for rides in the car. He can get in and out very easily and he is great during the ride.

What Casper could really use is some help with learning some basic socialization skills. When meeting new people he is timid and backs away, but eventually he warms up when he is given treats and a little time to adjust to new people being around him. Casper needs a forever home that is willing to be patient and help him to feel comfortable around people. He would be fine in a house with older kids who are dog savvy and understand how to approach him. 

Casper is pretty awesome with everything else in his world. He is OK with being created, but his favorite place to sleep as his dog bed. He is excellent for grooming, he has no problem going up and down stairs, and he only barks when there’s a reason. He knows the commands sit, shake, down, wait, and no. 

With a little time and attention, Casper will be an incredible dog for one lucky family.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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