11 Months

67 lbs

Fenced yard required

Wyatt is a young, tall sable boy who loves playing and getting attention from the people around him. At 10 months of age, Wyatt has the energy of a puppy and is still learning how to break some of his lingering puppy tendencies. He has shown interest in chewing things that aren’t his, but fortunately, he loves chew toys and bones, so those keep him distracted from any bad behaviors. At his height, he can easily access counters, and he is always on the hunt for a snack, but Wyatt’s foster mom says she has only has to correct him once for counter surfing. His height also comes in handy when he wants attention. Wyatt will walk up to his foster mom when she is sitting in a chair and stick his nose in her face and lean in to get his ears scratched. 

In true collie fashion, Wyatt loves to be around people, but he had to build up trust in his foster family when he first arrived, and he was afraid of the resident dogs. In time, with praise, treats and positive interactions with the other dogs, he was able to relax. Wyatt is now very affectionate and loves to be talked to and petted, and he really wants to please his people. He gets along with the other dogs and has been curious about the resident cat, but he has not been aggressive toward it. Wyatt would do well in a house with another dog to help him learn the ropes. 

Wyatt needs a home with a fenced yard for a couple reasons. He loves to chase birds from the bushes to the trees, and he also likes to pay close attention to the neighborhood squirrels. He is vocal when he sees activity outside, but he will stop barking and come when called. Wyatt also loves to run around the backyard at full speed while playing with the resident dogs. A fenced backyard would give him the safety to run around without any worries.

Wyatt knows a few commands, like “go to bed,” “sit,” “come in the house,” but will definitely need some help to learn additional ones. He also isn’t too sure about grooming, so he needs someone to help him become more comfortable with getting brushed and bathed.

Wyatt’s foster family has loved watching him get acclimated and learn new things, and now he needs a forever family to help introduce him to more new experiences.

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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