7 Years

50 lbs 

Fenced yard required
No cats

At seven-years-old, Chance has had the opportunity to learn what he enjoys in life, and he has found he is a fresh air and sunshine kind of guy. He has spent much of his life indoors, and he is now embracing a quiet lifestyle of outdoor lounging under supervision of his foster mom. Going for a walk? No problem, Chance is always ready to enjoy his leisurely strolls around the neighborhood.
Chance is a sweet and gentle dog. He is not an in your face kind of a guy, but rather a bit reserved. He’s starting to come out of his shell a little bit each day and has begun to enjoy getting attention. He will often give his foster mom his back and wait for butt scratches, and we’re told he likes to lean in when he is getting attention, kind of like a collie hug.

The ideal forever home for Chance would offer a calm and loving environment. He is good with other dogs, but he prefers laid back dogs like himself. He is best suited for a home without children. A fence is required, as his recall is not reliable and he often ignores his foster mom while enjoying his time outdoors.
There really isn’t a lot that bothers Chance. He is afraid of thunder and fireworks, and he struggles with wood floors, but throw rugs are very helpful for him. He has food allergies that require him to be on foods that don’t bother him. His allergies also include cats unfortunately.
In general, Chance is a pretty easy going guy. He knows commands, and at the moment, just selectively responds to them. He just needs a little patience, yummy treats and repetition. Chance is good on a leash, can get into a car, and is just fine during car rides. He can be trusted alone at home and doesn’t need to be crated, but he does enjoy his crate and finds it to be his safe place. 
Think this sweet boy is a good fit for you? Why don’t you take a chance?

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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