1 Years

48 lbs 

Fenced yard desirable.

To know Dolly is to love her. Dolly is sweet but tough, timid but happy, elusive but loving. 

During her first encounter with a new person, Dolly is wary and will shy away.  Over time, she is able to build up trust and let her personality shine. It does take a while for her to get comfortable around new people, especially children, who make her feel uncomfortable.  Dolly needs a home that is calm, and at most, has older kids (age 10+).

In a foster home with three canine older brothers, Dolly enjoys having alone time and will often go off by herself, but she has managed to find her place in her temporary pack. She has learned to navigate around the grumpy patriarch, run and play with the youngest, and has formed a friendship with the loud one. She would do well in a home with another friendly, young dog, but she would also be OK by herself. 

Dolly is a fairly calm collie, especially for her young age. She has shown little interest in chewing, and she has not displayed any destructive tendencies. For the most part, she can be trusted alone, although she is crated when her foster family is not home, just in case. 

One of the sweetest things about Dolly is how she shows and asks for love. She will usually approach softly and lick your hands to show she wants attention. If there are other dogs around she will try her best to butt in her little head. While her face doesn’t always show how happy she is to see you, her wildly wagging helicopter tail gives her away. She makes you feel like she hasn’t seen you in days, even though it may have only been minutes. It’s hard not to show the same excitement in return, but too much enthusiasm can lead to an accident. She loves hugs, kisses, pets, and playing together with toys, just about any kind of attention will do. 

Dolly is very smart. She knows her name very well and almost immediately comes when called. She will sit for a treat without being asked. In fact, when she hears a treat being taken out, she will immediately sit down wherever she is (even if she is nowhere near the treat) and patiently wait for someone to bring one to her.  She tells you that she wants to go out by licking your hands and feet and then pawing at you to really get your attention. Dolly knows “sit,” “come,” “crate,” “go inside,” and various other commands and phrases, and she could very easily learn more. 

Dolly is just learning how to play with toys.  She will sometimes chew on them gently, but what she really loves is to run around with a soft toy in her mouth and try to get her brothers to take it away. Dolly also loves to play fetch. She will bring the ball back to you when playing inside, but outside fetch requires both Dolly and you to get the toy. 

Dolly is great on walks. She is good on car rides and can get in and out of a car when she wants to (like when leaving the vet). She mostly has slept outside of her crate, but she has no problem sleeping in there. Dolly has not barked a single time while at her foster home. She has whimpered a little in her crate, but not a single bark. A fenced back yard would be desirable, as she has not shown whether she would be a flight risk. 

We could go on and on about the fabulous Dolly, but now it’s time to find her an equally fabulous forever home. 

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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