3 Years

75 lbs

Fenced yard required

Meet Poppy! Isn't she a beauty? Poppy came to us via another rescue group. We do know that she was surrendered, but we don't know anything else. We have learned that she is a very sweet girl who loves to give kisses! She is a very active girl, which is a good thing because she has some weight to lose. She is food motivated and takes treats gently. She loves wrestling with her foster siblings, and she loves to play with toys, especially hard chew toys. If allowed, she would spend every minute outside. Her favorite activities include running laps with her foster siblings, chasing squirrels, and hunting for rabbits. 

Poppy loves to be by her humans resting at their feet - when she is not in motion that is! She has two main ways of getting the attention she craves. She will put her head on the arm of the chair to request pets, or she will bark if she feels that her foster siblings are hogging all of the pets. 

In typical collie fashion, she tries to herd her humans by nipping at their ankles. For that reason, a home with older children would be best. She is easily redirected with a toy. She is quite talkative and can sound ferocious when she sees someone walking a dog down the street. She has had a few accidents in her foster home but overall seems to be potty trained.  

She is very good about being brushed and was very well behaved at the groomer. She needs assistance getting into the car, and because she is not a fan of car rides, she is stubborn about getting in. Stairs are an issue for her right now. She gets a running start to come up the two stairs from the deck in the yard. This is a training opportunity. She will counter surf, so this will be another training opportunity for her adopter.  

Poppy's ideal home would have:
- A large fenced yard
- A similar sized active playmate and/or some older children to play with
- An active family to ensure that she gets the exercise and stimulation that she needs
- Someone committed to working with her on training opportunities

If you think you would be a fit for this beautiful girl, please apply. 

We are not accepting applications at this time for this particular dog. You can submit an application if you are interested in being matched with another current or future dog.

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