5 Months

30 lbs
Fenced yard required

Aladdin is a sweet and happy 5 months old boy. In general, he loves his people and enjoys cuddles and all the attention he can get. He sometimes takes a little longer getting to know new people before he's comfortable. Once he earns your trust, he’s your buddy! He’s been learning new things and sounds at his foster home. At times, he can be a bit scared of them but quickly adapts to them. 

Aladdin is a typical young puppy that will need a lot of patience, guidance and training. He has never been on a leash but his foster mom reports that he’s getting used to it and doing better. Aladdin responds well to lots of praise and training treats. He is also learning how to play fetch with some toys. 

Aladdin is good in his crate and, for the most part, very quiet when he is in there overnight. He did not have any accidents in the house as his foster mom has been taking him out several times a day. He picked up this routine pretty fast and started telling when he needs to go potty  with a little bit of a whine and pacing.

Are you ready for this cute bundle of fuzziness?

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