6 Years

84 lbs

Bubba is a handsome, 6-year-old sable rough collie. This friendly guy loves other dogs and people, and he enjoys playing with both. He is very affectionate and loves to lay with his foster parents and give them kisses. He loves attention and enjoys butt-scratches and belly rubs. He does well with brushing and bathing. He doesn’t do great with stairs, but he’s managed to get the hang of going up and down four stairs so far! 

Bubba does well overall in the car - he jumps right in and lays down to go for a ride. Though he is good in the car, he is not a fan of motorcycles and will bark at them, and he doesn’t appreciate it when the garbage truck comes for its weekly visit. He gets nervous about being left alone and will bark and get into things, so he needs to be crated. He’s not the biggest fan of the crate though, so he will need some continued training to help understand that the crate is a good, safe place to stay when his family isn’t here. 

Bubba knows “get down” or “off,” and he responds well to these gentle corrections. He’s starting to know “outside,” “good boy,” and “come” better than he did when he first arrived. He is also learning to walk on a leash, and though he does well in the yard or in the house, he gets a little nervous about going on walks and stays aware of any bunnies, cats, cars, or noises. Loud noises make him bit nervous at home too, and he’s not a fan of thunder. He finds safety by staying nearby his foster mom and dad.

He may still have some learning to do, but Bubba is a very sweet guy who thrives when given love and patience. 

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