8 Years

58 lbs

Fenced yard preferred

This pretty girl really needs a patient, loving family that can help her recover from her old life. Cassie is one of the collies from the hoarding situation. She is a sweet, quiet, reserved, seven to eight year old girl. She is slow to warm up to people and to trust them, but once comfortable, she becomes a Velcro dog. She wants to be with her people and to please them. 

Cassie has a lot going for her. She is well behaved in the house and likes the safety of her crate. Although she needs some help getting in and out of the car, she generally rides well once situated. Cassie loves to be brushed and doesn’t even mind it when her foster mom grinds her nails. She’s even good natured about taking a bath!

She’s good on a leash and has already learned a few commands like come, wait, move, and walk/heel. She needs more practice with the come command so that she’s more consistent and reliable. Cassie is gentle and shy, but she is also curious. She will investigate new things or sounds. It can take her a short time to get used to new things, but she is fine once she does. As she finds success with training and adapting to new things, her confidence will grow.

Though usually quiet, Cassie will vocalize when playing with other dogs or when she sees them outside. She is eager to play with them but isn’t quite sure how to do it. A family with at least one calm, confident dog would be great for Cassie. Another dog would be able to teach her how to play, help bring her out of her shell, and show her the ropes. Cassie needs a calm household and a family that will be patient with her. With the right family’s love, she will blossom.

Cassie deserves the best life has to offer. Is your family open to welcoming this sweet girl into your lives?

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