1 Years

43 lbs

Fenced yard required

Hey, hi!!

I know you came here looking for a typical Lassie -looking Collie, and I'm sure not that in appearance, but I am a Collie, and I've been waiting and waiting for my Forever People to find me!

I'm a tri-headed white smooth Collie boy, and just turned a year old. I'm not a very big guy, and probably won't grow much taller than I am now. I have long legs and a trim waist, and being a smooth Collie means that you'll never have to worry about brushing tangles from my hair, so we can spend lots more time doing things, because that's what I really like to do. I'm athletic, energetic and very smart - my foster mom takes me to agility class, and I love that - but I also love long walks on the trails around here, and playing fetch in the yard.  

Right now I live with other collies, and get along great with them (well, I can be a bit much for the older guys) but honestly I wouldn't mind trying out being an only dog and focusing just on you!

There are cats where I live now, and I think it's fun to make them run and jump up on furniture, but I've never tried to hurt one, and I like kids because they are so good at playing, but sometimes I'm too enthusiastic for little ones so maybe kids or grandchildren over age 8 would be best?  I sleep in my crate at night, and go willingly into it, am very tidy and know how to ask to go outside when I need to, and I know how to do sit, down & shake hands.

I've tried really hard to learn to be a good boy, and to be patient waiting for my people to find me, and boy, I'd sure love to start the next part of my journey as soon as possible. Could you be the one I'm meant for?  I sure hope so...

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