5 Months

28 lbs

Fenced yard required

This puppy boy is ready for fun and adventure. Five-month-old Sweeney is happy, bouncy, and full of energy. He loves people of all ages, other dogs, walks and car rides, and is always eager to explore. He greets everyone with a play bow just to let them know he wants to run and romp.

Sweeney is both fun loving and a quick learner. He knows how to sit and how to give paw. He’s leash trained and crate trained. He will even bark to let you know when he needs to go outside. He still has to work on house manners a bit as he likes to put his paws on everything, but he is treat motivated and will quickly become a well mannered boy.

Sweeney would do best with another active dog willing to play, or with an owner willing to devote time to walks, training, and playtime to burn off some of his puppy powered energy. He would love a family willing to engage his mind and body. An obedience or agility class would be great for Sweeney and fun for the whole family.

Sweeney has enthusiasm for everything life has to offer. If you’re looking for someone to share life’s adventures, he’s your boy!

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